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These unscripted, unedited, real-life interviews with women thought leaders from around the world, span the topics of online marketing, sales, social media, branding, website design, copywriting, (let’s not forget) money, and the self-care & lifestyle of women in business.

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Outspoken: Stop Selling & Start Connecting on Facebook

Confused about how to use Facebook for your business? You're not alone. This confusion elicits a kind of love/hate relationship with the social media giant. Facebook is a powerful business-building platform when it's used right. It's a platform created for relationship building — and yes, there's an art to it. Thing is, a lot of well-meaning businesses are coming across [...]

Outspoken: Dream Interpretation – What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Dream Analysis is a centuries-old tradition, until recently only accessible through a shaman or spiritual elder. What was once esoteric is now becoming mainstream. Why should this matter to you? And what does this have to do with your business? When your head hits the pillow and you fall asleep trying to puzzle out a problem, find a new way [...]

The Cost of Free

Welcome to the new series inside the UW Podcast, HEY MIKI, where I'm giving my advice on how to build a profitable and sustainable business, and talking about what others in the online community aren't telling you. Straight-up truth here! In this episode, I'm talking about the COST OF FREE. These days it's easier than ever to start an online [...]

How to Create Remarkable Digital Products

Teaching online courses is a (wait for it) $53 billion dollar a year industry … and growing every year. Billion! What that says is that there are more and more people looking to learn something in a digital format, and more businesses offering online learning experiences to fill that need. The question is, are you wanting to dive into this [...]

Creative Ways to Use Video & Stand Out From The Crowd

So, you're wanting add video to your business because you've heard how effective it is in helping you stand out from the crowd. You're in the right place. Or maybe you're using video already and are looking for more creative ways leverage the power of video. You're in the right place too. In this episode, Holly Gillen is here to [...]

Fired Up & Focused – The Yoga of Business

A lot of women get into business because they love the work they do. But lack of focus and getting distracted by the newest-best-thing along the way brings frustration into the picture. So is it even possible to turn what you LOVE into a profitable + sustainable business? Without burning out? That's a huge yes for me and for Rachael [...]

The Psychology of Acting Fearless

We're fresh back from summer vacation and what better way to kick off the last 4 months of the year than with a discussion on mindset … particularly fear. Yasmine Khater is someone who popped up on my radar recently even though she's been in business for some time and is an award winning entrepreneur. I've been diving into her [...]

Best of Summer 2015 – Speaking For Introverts

Let's finish off the summer series with this interview with Michelle Mazur about how introverts can use speaking to get noticed and seen as an expert. Sure, public speaking is one of THE biggest fears we have, and for introverts, it's a little scarier. But Michelle is genius at helping women get past the fear of speaking and step into [...]

Best of Summer 2015 – Message Therapy: How to Nail Your Business Message

We're sliding into the home stretch of the Best of Summer series, talking with Rebecca Tracey about having a business message that you (and your clients) are connected to. A crucial key if you want to enjoy the freedom and adventure of working from anywhere, running your online business. If you don't have your message nailed down yet, you're likely [...]

Best of Summer 2015 – How to Make Selling a Joy

What if 'selling' became a joy and pleasure that you looked forward to every day? How would that change the course of your business? Kendrick Shope believes that selling what you’re passionate about, in a way that’s true to who you are, should be an honest-to-god THRILL. Listen in as we smash the outdated perception of sales (the one that [...]

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