Unemployable Woman Magazine

… is a fiercely femme digital mag for lady entrepreneurs (re)defining business, branding, + balance.

Our goal? To usher in an all-new philosophy for women business owners everywhere, based on the 3 crucial ingredients of powerhouse success:

Individuality. Authenticity. Passion-fueled profit.

Every edition is packed with expert advice & tips from genius women thought-leaders and game changers from around the world.

Each one of our contributors has stepped up to transform their industries with their powerful ideas & undeniable talent. Now, they’re here to help you do the same.

We envision a world where women in every nation live & work in a way that ushers in a new era of freedom – and allows for as much joyful work as it does play & payoff.

It’s time to set aside the copy-cattery, products & services that don’t hit home, and business-building models that flop (because they’re not a fit.)

Are you with us? We’ve been waiting for you.

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Just wanted to thank you for your fabulous magazine, I came across it yesterday & have been engrossed ever since downloading the first few magazines! I just love the amount of content in the magazine, your passion just shines through! All the guest writers are fascinating & the beautiful images really appeal to us girl entrepreneurs, well done on a fresh funky & fact filled entrepreneur fest!
I’m loving the overall effort of the magazine. The design, the title, the brand clarity, the contributors, the content they share, your spicy energy. So, thanks to you for your work. I love that you also have a Facebook community, which I just joined. I look forward to interacting with you all over there.
I’m careful what magazines I choose these days as there are so many around. Happy to report that this issue is informative and content rich. The real-life contributions from experts in their field are both were easy to relate to and useful. What is most helpful is having both sound business advice and the emotional and spiritual aspects of prosperity available in one place. A great resource to have on hand to share with clients and colleagues Thank You!
The Prosperity issue of Unemployable Woman Magazine was fantastic! The women featured in the issue generously shared their self-defeating money stories as well as their paths to kicking the crap to the curb and claiming their personal prosperity power. Bravo!
I wanted to thank you for the incredible quality of the content in Unemployable Woman Magazine and for the infectious way you and your contributors continue to inspire and encourage me to grow my client base and offer new business services. With your words of encouragement and guidance, 2014 will be my best year yet!

Inside this Edition

This magazine is about freedom and financial independence for women.

But on a deeper level, it’s about self-expression and being YOU in business.

As an entrepreneur who’s personally mentored hundreds of women, I know that in order to create a profitable business you have to be clear on who you are, who you serve, what your people really need (not what you think or hope they need), and how you serve.

When you’re clear on those things, making money is not so complicated. When you’re confused, making money is damn near impossible.

This is a big, rich issue. You’ll find lessons and insights from over 30 contributors, covering everything from your personal brand to business models + marketing strategies to personal leadership + self care.

Take your time with it. Come back to it. Revisit it.
Enjoy it in little sips.

xo Miki

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