UWP-Ep062-Holly_GillenSo, you’re wanting add video to your business because you’ve heard how effective it is in helping you stand out from the crowd. You’re in the right place.

Or maybe you’re using video already and are looking for more creative ways leverage the power of video.

You’re in the right place too.

In this episode, Holly Gillen is here to tell you how to get started with video and engage some pretty darn creative ways to use your video that you haven’t thought of … yet.

Holly knows what’s she’s talking about because she runs the full gamit of video from producing to directing, to shooting and editing. Better yet, she’s turned that experience into courses & services that help you shine on video.

I think you’re going to love her.


A taste of what we get into
  • 3 great tips if you’re just getting started with video (brilliant!)
  • Some (yet to be known) creative ways to use video that make you stand out from the crowd
  • The perfect length and content for your videos

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Dominate Video Quickie Guide

Break Through Your Video Blocks Free 7-Day Block Party

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Quote her:

Winging it is for the birds.

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About Holly

HOLLY GILLEN started her career video production in 2008 as a Videographer, Producer, and Editor working with big industry names including the Sundance Channel, Sony Music, nick.Com, HBO, Bono, Big Time Rush, Forest Whitaker and many others.
Her skills and experience run the full gamut from Producing and Directing to Shooting and Editing, and she has translated those skills into a range of educational courses and services to support entrepreneurs in their quest for video stardom.

Connect with Holly:
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