UWP-Ep058-Shari_MolchanIf you think money isn’t all that important, think again. It touches everything in your life that is. Knowing this, wouldn’t you agree that getting right with money – putting money in its rightful place and role in your life – is pretty dang important?

I think so, which is why I’m super-excited to be talking with Shari Molchan in this episode about how women can cultivate a healthy relationship with money. Shari revealed some surprisingly simple money basics and what every woman needs to know about money.

She’s a colleague, friend, and someone you want in your back pocket when it comes to money. Her inside-out approach to money is exactly what heart-centered women need to hear.

Oh, and did I mention, she makes it fun?!


A taste of what we get into
  • How women sabotage themselves in creating financial independence and wealth (and how to stop it already)
  • Shifting our money consciousness and tapping into our earning power
  • The essential ‘numbers’ we must track to break through income barriers

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Quote her:

Money ripples into every area of your life.

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About Shari

Shari Molchan’s Money Momentum workshops, seminars and coaching have come out of her own history of struggle and the hundreds of women she has empowered over the last 18 years.

Shari demystifies complex money concepts and offers simple tools that help her clients and audiences alike, lead their best life.

She knows from her own personal experience that when you begin to believe in yourself, you’re going to experience success you can hardly imagine today.

Connect with Shari:

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