UWP-Ep056-Michelle_EvansCookie cutter marketing strategies just don’t work. Why? Because you are unique and so is your business. That means, what you need is to design a marketing strategy that works for you. This is a no cookie-cutter zone here.

Michelle Evans is going to shake up some misperceptions about what marketing is and isn’t. She’s a business coach and marketing strategist whose bottom line is measurable results.

You’ve got to love that kind of integrity and mastery of her work.

In this episode we talk about how to get your tush in gear and your business growing with marketing that actually matters.


A taste of what we get into
  • Marketing as a strategic priority to reach your income goals
  • Tracking & evaluating which of your marketing efforts get results
  • The ‘right’ way to market (so you attract, rather than repel potential clients)

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Links & resources from this interview

Simple Marketing Metrics Guide

Quote her:

Marketing isn’t a checklist, it’s a strategic priority that is the foundation to help you reach your goals.

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About Michelle

Michelle L Evans left her 16-year corporate career in business + marketing strategy in 2012 to help business owners develop simple, effective marketing strategies that deliver bottom-line results.

Combining her proven business-building skill set and ninja marketing skills, Michelle helps business owners cut through the cookie-cutter marketing tactics and design results-based strategies that actually work.

Connect with Michelle:

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