UWP-Ep049-Kylie_PatchettYou’re about to get a whole bundle of crazy-good energy from Kylie Patchett, because she has a zest for life (and you’ll want to tap into that).

She knows a thing or three about mindset, and how the wrong kind gets in the way of making things happen in your business (and for that matter, your whole life).

So she’s going to shake things up a bit and help you get the heck out of your own way already and ditch the BS self-sabotage.

Oh, and she’s super-cool … an ex-forensic science geek turned Mind, Money & Mojo coach. You’ll know what I mean when she talks about uncovering your ‘neural nemesis’!

A taste of what we get into
  • The common mindset barriers women entrepreneurs put in their way
  • How to get (and stay) the heck out of your own way
  • Breaking limiting patterns and self-sabotage (another way to say BS)

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Quote her:

Self-awareness and self-mastery is the key to creating anything you want.

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About Kylie

An ex-forensic science geek, turned Mind, Money and Mojo coach, Kylie Patchett helps soul-fuelled women entrepreneurs break out of limiting patterns and BS self-sabotage, to create the Delicious Lives and Businesses they crave.

Uncover your own neural nemesis and exactly what to do to tame her with Kylie’s Who’s Messing with Your Head Quiz at www.kyliepatchett.com

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