Cat LeBlanc believes that being a business owner is the most freeing and fulfilling ‘job’ you could ever have. Agree!

So if you’re a woman who is just starting out in business, or you’re sitting on the fence about starting your business, then you’re in for a treat because Cat is simply genius at helping you find your best business idea.

Turn off your other distractions and listen with your head and heart. My wish for you is that in the next 30 minutes you’ll have renewed energy to get your business launched and doing the work you love. CAT is going to help light that fire in you (again).

A taste of what we get into
  • Why it’s SO important to do the work you love (you can’t fake this)
  • How to stop the starting & stopping business cycle that drains your bank account and confidence and get your business going
  • Finding your best business idea to create a business you love

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Quote her:

Being a business owner is the most freeing and fulfilling ‘job’ you could ever have.

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About Cat

CAT LEBLANC is a Business Strategist & Venture Catalyst. Which means she has an uncanny talent for turning your brilliance into a profitable (& liberating) business.

When Cat’s not guiding go-getters to set their business up the right way from the start, she’s in the spa with her partner, sipping cider, surrounded by ferns, soaking in the sweet freedom she’s created for herself (and wants for you).

Find out more at and get your FREE Business Idea Starter Kit.

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