Selling is a must-have skill in any business, whether you’re online or face to face with your potential customer. Agree? But honestly, many women visibly cringe at the thought of selling because the outdated perception of sales has them conjuring up images of the slimy used-car salesman. (maybe that’s you too)

There’s a truth about sales that never feels pushy and de-ickifies the selling process. And Kendrick Shope is just the gal to reveal it to you. She believes that selling what you’re passionate about, in a way that’s true to who you are, should be an honest-to-god THRILL.

She’s spunky, electric, and absolutely marches to the beat of her own drum. And you’re going to love her!

A taste of what we get into
  • The mindset shift that’s a game-changer to your bottom line
  • Mind crack & getting smarter (she’s such a kick in the pants – you’ve got to listen to this)
  • Easy steps to generate more sales in a feel-good way – they’re super-simple

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3 Surefire Ways to Attract More Clients

Quote her:

50% of all sales are closed in the follow up. (What are you leaving on the table?)

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About Kendrick

Hey, I’m KENDRICK SHOPE—creator of the Authentic Selling™ process, sales coach, momma to a beautiful little girl and all-round Southern gal.I believe that selling should never feel icky or pushy.

If you want to run a profitable business (and who doesn’t?), selling is a nonnegotiable skill set—but it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or forced. Selling in a way that feels good will transform your business—leading to happier clients, wait lists, and more revenue than you ever imagined possible.

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